Here's what my clients are saying...

"As someone who travels extensively and gets a massage as least weekly, I can truly say that, "Terry was superb." From our initial contact via email through the entire experience, Terry was cordial, prompt, understanding, and quite personable. The massage itself was quite good-incredible, actually. Terry began our session with some questions that were follow-up questions to our emails regarding my massage desires, expectations, any limitations, and past massage experience. After I reassured him that I was OK with a variety of techniques and that even having had a couple of surgeries I was still capable of handling any pressure or stretching. From the moment Terry laid his capable hands on me, I knew it was going to be great. His "energy" surged through his fingers and hands and made me relax, feel comfortable, feel comforted, and I knew I was with a professional-not a bodyrub kind of guy. We're talking a real, high quality, "knows what he's doing," kind of massage with Terry. Without trying to sound like so many of the other reviews for other massage therapists, Terry was excellent at reading my body and what I needed. The physical stretching is something not many therapists do or even attempt. I am on the road at least 3 weeks a month and traveling in planes, rental cars, cabs, company vehicles, etc., often causes my muscles to tighten. Stetching to me is vital and Terry applied just the right amount of pressure and knew how much my aging muscles could take. I could elaborate further butit would only reiterate how much I enjoyed Terry's massage-plus his rates are quite good. He's personable, traveled, educated, intelligent, has a delightful sense of humor, is willing to talk about more than massage, quiet if you want or need him to be. Take the time, make the call or write the email, get in touch with Terry and let him touch you. You'll be very glad you did."  

"I met Terry just before I moved to New York from San Francisco two years ago. Now, as soon as I make a reservation to visit the City, Terry is the first person I call. I usually go to him two or three times during every visit. Terry is by far the best. I am a 48 year old guy, self-conscious about my body. Terry is a great guy, and he puts me completely at ease. On top of that, his hands are amazing. He never rushes through the massage, and he works all the places that make me tense. I carry lots of stress in my back and butt, and he knows just what to do to work out those kinks. He knows how to find all the knots in my back and shoulders and thighs. I always leave with all of my tension completely released. If I lived in San Francisco still, I would be under his hands every week. I can’t imagine you will be disappointed, especially if you can let him know what works for you. He is kind, non-judgmental, smart and cultured (which is not always true with the guys who say they know how to give massages). If you want a generous, affectionate, mature masseur (it is so great he is not a mindless twink), Call him! Now." 

 "Terry was most informative and accommodating. His studio was clean, warm and inviting. He provided a body assessment prior to beginning work. His touch was tender yet firm when needed. The expierence was fullfilling and caring. If I lived in the Bay Area I would certainly incorporate his services into my bodily preventive maintenance program.  I certainly will return to his services when I'm next in the city. Thank you Terry, you did make me feel "like a puddle of syrup. Best Wishes, from your friend in Denver."

 "This man, Terry, is the real deal. He is a skilled masseur with complete control over a number of different massage styles-all of which he uses to great advantage. He is also well-aware of the benefits of stretching which he integrates fluidly into his work. His studio is clean, warm, and welcoming. He is extremely careful without losing any of his strength. I have seen him a couple of times, and he has worked with me to make sure that I get the massage I need. I know that what I have to say about Terry should be true for all masseurs, but unfortunately, it isn't. Terry knows what he's doing and he does it well."


"I have been going to Terry for massage now for over six months and I'm definitely committed to having Terry exclusively for massage therapy. He is always flexible to work out times for the massage at short notices. Showering before and after are always available and offered. His studio is warm, soothing, relaxing, and ideal for the experience. Terry makes you feel so special and provides a total body massage that always takes me beyond my expectations. I leave him with a relaxed mind and body. He is personable and genuine in heart and attitude. Without question, someone who is looking for a massage therapist that can meet their needs and walk out knowing that you'll be a return customer, Terry is your guy. Thank you Terry."